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A full service company specializing in optimization and repair, maintenance, upgrading, secure networking, spyware-adware and virus removal, OS repair and installation, and other software installations on Microsoft Windows PC's. In our office or on-site services available.

About Computech Computer Services

Computech has been repairing computers and computer systems since 2000. We started out as a service for our website design clients for our sister company "NetWorks Web Services". After some time we realized the great need for affordable on-site computer repair. Most places have in office fees that are so great that it would be cheaper to replace your computer than repair it. Some people just can't afford to replace their system and that's where we come in.

Constant Research:
At Computech, we are constantly keeping up on the latest and greatest proven technologies to utilize in order to give our customers the best possible care for their system. Whether it is spyware, adware, or virus removal or a complete upgrade, we only use the best. Most companies only use the "Top Rated" software and charge you "Top Rated" prices. We think out of the box and test the little know software as well. What we have found is many diamonds in the rough and pass that knowledge down to our customers in the form of more reasonable prices.

When we look at your system, we will educate you on the hazards you may be facing given your particular computer usage. For instance, most people are not aware that music file sharing programs are a magnet for spyware, adware, and viruses. Gaming sites are also a big culprit to the short demise of a system and many blue-screen crashes of death.
We will recommend certain products to help keep your system clean and teach you how to use them.

We stand behind our work. If a repair is done and the problem is not corrected we will come back at [1]no charge. We pride ourselves in fixing it right the first time and utilizing the tools necessary to keep your system running [2]maintenance free for some time.

[1]No Charge - We will evaluate the problem to determine if the same condition exists and will not charge for labor involved. However if we find a part has failed, we are not responsible for replacement and those charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

[2]Maintenance Free - Refers to major maintenance that would involve a technician visit. General updating and software guidelines must be followed for continued performance of any system.

We are not responsible for damage done by purposely downloading viruses into your computer system from file sharing, or any other means nor from physical damage not considered normal.

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