Computer Services and Networking
Below is a list of the services we offer. Repair prices are based on time involved. Some are charged on a flat rate fee. Please read a short description of our services below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are available Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 1pm to 5pm, Closed Sunday

Spyware, Adware, and Virus Removal.

Computech Computer Services is a leader in restoring your computer back to full functioning condition even when subjected to severe spyware, adware, and virus infections. Most viruses or spyware infections come for either infected emails, downloading music or online gaming sites. If you frequently download music with file sharing software or visit gaming sites, chances are your computer is infected. Most times when a computer is infected, removal will cause you to lose your internet connection. We have the tools necessary to restore your internet connection to factory defaults. This service is based on a flat fee since this usually takes some time to complete and in most cases must be done in our office.

Software and Hardware Upgrades, Computer Cleaning, Hardware Diagnostics and Repair.
Whether your system is running slow and needs an upgrade or system improvements for the newest software, Computech Computer Services has got you covered. Most software or hardware upgrades can be done in your office. Usually only when major work is performed will require you to leave your system with us for a short time. Some software upgrades such as reinstall of an OS will require an in office procedure simply because of the windows updates take some time to download and install. OS installs or reinstalls which includes data backup are done on a flat rate. All other upgrades are based on hourly rate. Data recovery services are available as well but we cannot guarantee 100% results. Data recovery can be time consuming and must be done in our office.

Professional On-Site Service available for your convenience.

We offer on-site repair, in our office, or we will pick your system up, repair it and deliver it back to you. On-site evaluations will give us a general idea of the time involved and we will advise you at that time of your best option. We normally have a 48 hour in office turn around time unless parts need to be ordered. On-site services are charged on a hourly rate based on distance traveled. All of our services are very competitive. We also offer monthly or quarterly on-site computer service plans for residential or commercial accounts. Remote access service available for our contract service accounts. After hour emergency services are also available.

Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Software and Installation.
Anti-spyware and anti-virus software is not optional and no computer should be without this protection. This is where we are very particular on which products we use. We have tested all of the major and minor products and will recommend only the best products to protect your computer and protect your data. Not all anti-virus or anti-spyware products are equal. We have found a combination of products that work together seamlessly and have found over time tested trials to be close to 100% effective in keeping your system clean. No software or hardware is 100% but we believe ours is as close as you can get.

100% Secure On-Site Networking and WIFI Installation and Service.

In today's world, you can't be too careful. An unsecured network can be a gateway to your personal information. With an unsecured network, anyone with a laptop computer can set near your home and access your computer files. We will setup your network in the best configuration available and make sure it is 100% secure with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) approved by The National Security Agency (NSA) for encryption of top secret documents. We will setup your in home or small business network, wireless network and/or public WIFI system. Each setup is tested for complete connection. We can also setup your printers to be shared across your network.

Network Hardware, Software and Computer Peripherals
Computech Computer Services have many good suppliers for your hardware, software and computer peripherals needs. We have researched and used many of the products used in the computer industry and are familiar with reliability and performance of these products. We will recommend certain products but will use products you have already purchased. We are constantly seeking out the best prices to pass on to our customers. If we save, you save! Let's face it, most places charge almost the same price to repair your computer than it would be to replace it. We know this is an issue so we strive to always get the best prices for our customers as we can. Again, when we save, you save! We want you to be a customer for life!
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